About the timeline

Some information about the timeline.

Notes and disclaimers

  • Tower of God and the characters referenced in this timeline belong to SIU, the author.
  • This timeline is purely fan-created and is not officially verified or endorsed by LINE or SIU, the author.
  • New readers: Spoilers abound. Read it at your own risk!
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Dates and times

In this timeline, most events are dated based on their relation to major events. For some events, it can be difficult to precisely pinpoint the exact date. I’m sticking to the policy of leaving a date box blank if it’s not clear at all when an event occurred.

The main sources of dates and times I use are:

  1. Narrator, such as when there’s a box in a panel that says something like “5 years later.”
  2. Character dialogue, such as if a character mentions having passed a Floor test a week ago.
  3. Other contextual clues, such as time displayed on a character’s Pocket clock.


Source may refer to the chapter that states/implies the date of a given event. It may not always refer to the chapter in which an event takes place, so please keep that in mind. Some events happen off-panel and we never see them, but characters might talk about having done something… that sort of thing.

Names and abbreviations

Below are some of the character name spellings and abbreviations used throughout this timeline. There are variations between spellings from the official LINE translation and old fan translations and yes, I still say “Lahel.” Sorry if it trips you up!

  • Androssi (LINE spelling: Endorsi)
  • Baam (LINE spelling: Bam)
  • Hatsu (LINE spelling: Hatz)
  • Lahel (LINE spelling: Rachel)
  • Ship Leesoo (LINE spelling: Shibisu)
  • Yihwa (LINE spelling: Shibisu)
  • Zahard (LINE spelling: Jahad)
  • Koon A. A. – Koon Agero Agnes
  • YHS – Yu Hansung
  • Team Baam – This isn’t an officially recognized term, but I use this to refer to Baam, Rak, and Koon A. A. as a unit.
  • Team TSY – Team Tangsooyook (Team Pork, Team Sweet and Sour, etc.)

How do I search the timeline?

Press CTRL + F and type your search term. If you’re searching for a specific character, remember to use the spelling listed in the “Names and abbreviations” section above.

Last but not least…

If you come across any errors and can point me to a chapter or SIU blog post for the correction, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!



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